Adorable Twin Boys Baby Shower & Decorations (Pregnancy Journey Ch. 06)

me at my twin boys baby shower

This is Chapter 6 of my Pregnancy Journey and it’s all about my twin boys Baby Shower! I’ll be linking below decorations, games, and so on as well. If you’re new, you can start this journey with me here. But if you’ve been keeping up with the series, thank you for your continuous support! I’m truly grateful!

Now I’m trying to write these blogs a little differently so that they’re not only a little glimpse into my life, but they are also helpful to you. To do this, I’ll be linking all the items that I used to decorate and entertain for my baby shower. And yes, I did throw myself my own baby shower because why not?

The baby shower for the twins went really well. I chose an elephant theme with lots of light blues, whites, and grays. This is the back drop that I wanted (below) but it got lost in the mail. It’s so cute and I wish it had arrived for the shower. I would’ve taken way more photos. Maybe with baby #3 (long into the future) we’ll get something similar for their shower.

My grandmother made most of the food (she always cooks) and it was so delicious. She is from Thailand so we had a lot of Thai cuisine, as well as some local foods, and a few Japanese influenced dishes. My mom bought the cake and it was adorable. The cake toppers (not candy) were such a nice touch. Under the each shoe has a fill in the blank for their names, birthdate, and birth weight. After I cleaned of the frosting, I filled them out and now I use them for décor.

I also ordered baby shower games from Amazon that were really fun to play. It was convenient because the order came with five sets of games! One of the games included, allowed guest to predict who the baby will look like, when they’ll arrive, and even give advice to the parents.

I kept the guessing game responses from our guest and after the babies were born, I went back to the responses and found out that one of my aunts actually got the date of the twins’ birthdate correct. It was a cool way to look back at a day that celebrated my boys before their official arrival. I’m planning on putting them in a scrapbook. How cute would that be?

I’ll link the games we played here and the mini clothespins I ordered for that game where you can’t say certain words like “baby” or “boy” or “twins” (because this was our twin boys baby shower). I really wanted to play that game, but totally had pregnancy brain and forgot all about it right till the end of my shower. It would’ve been so fun. But the other games were more than enough.


The night before our twin boys baby shower I was so anxious. I was nervous people weren’t going to be entertained, not show up,  I was going to be sore and exhausted, and a lot of other thoughts. But it wasn’t as overwhelming as I thought it would be. I actually had a lot of fun and it wasn’t too stressful.

A lot of my friends and family got gifts for the boys and I am still so grateful for all the generosity my family and friends have given me. Most bought items were bought from my registry so I didn’t have to worry about having too many of one thing. It’s just easier to manage what’s going where, who’s getting what, and so on if you have a registry.

I already uploaded a blog about all the important registry must-haves for twins, so definitely check it out here.

Now that I went over how our twin boys baby shower went, I really want to get to the good stuff, decorations! I’ll be linking everything I used from invitations, to decorations, to thank you cards and goodies. I absolutely loved how it all turned out in the end, so if you need twin boys baby shower inspiration keep reading.

Twin Boys Baby Shower Decorations:


My family can be a little old-fashioned at times so, when I was deciding how I wanted to send invitations, I chose these really cute ones that come with envelopes you can use to mail the invitations. I hadn’t decided the theme or what I was going to do yet so I picked something neutral.

I tried so hard to find ones that said “Babies’ Shower” or something with a twin boys baby shower theme, but I couldn’t find a single thing. But honestly, that’s just the twin mom life. It’s so hard to find two of things or twin themed products. I didn’t think I’d have to deal with this as a mom, but I still feel lucky to be raising to awesome boys.

If you would like something that is more on theme, here are some other options:



I feel like the best part of any party or social gathering, like the center of the event, are the tables. Tables are my favorite things to decorate because that is were most guest spend a lot of their time. So for me personally, I like to have table cloths, plates, cups, and utensils, all matching.

I didn’t want to get a lot of items because I wasn’t sure how many people were coming and I didn’t want to use a lot of disposable tableware. This is the one that I used:

Wall Décor:

We honestly didn’t have too much wall décor because I really blew it up at my gender reveal but nobody used any of the decorations my friends and I hung up. So this time I used less and just spaced it out around the house. It still came out really simple and cute.

I used two types of wall décor because one matched perfectly to the elephant theme for our twin boys baby shower. The other helped add more decorations with the color scheme so it wasn’t over flowing with elephants. But I don’t think the one with elephants is available anymore. Here is what I used:

But just for reference, or if you’re looking for something specifically with elephants, I found this really cute option as well. I just love how these decorations come in a set like this because it just makes buying decorations so much easier. Do you like buying your decorations all together or piece it one item at a time? Comment down below!

DIY Party Favor:

So I made my own little party favors and they were super easy to do. I think I saw this idea on Pinterest or I went to a baby shower and they also did something similar. Anyway, I filled up these small plastic baby bottles with some kind of candy and stuck a cute little “Thank You” sticker that had elephants on it onto the bottles. You can use any kind of candy (I used chocolate), but I found these cute mints that I think match great with the theme and are perfect for this part favor.


Thank You Cards:

Technically, this is after the baby shower, but I thought I would just include it anyway since I mentioned invitations. It’s all part of the process so I wanted to made sure that you had some ideas for this part. I also went old-fashioned with the thank you cards to make them more personal. Here is the one I used:

Well, that was everything regarding our twin boys baby shower! It was fun to celebrate the life of our two amazing little peanuts and imagining life after their arrival. It was also just nice to be surrounded by family and reminded heavily how blessed and loved I am by so many people.

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s blog! I had so much fun reminiscing about it and reliving such an memorable experience. Comment down below your favorite part about my twin boys baby shower. And if you haven’t yet, be sure to subscribe to the blog! You’ll receive my weekly newsletter and some really awesome freebies.

I’d also love to connect with you on social media. I share glimpses into my daily life, post poetry, and share my thoughts & feelings. It’s always so nice engaging with my readers and interacting with you all.

Thank you for supporting Being Alaia! I am truly grateful for every view, comment, and engagement. You all mean so much to mean. Thank you for reading today’s blog and I’ll catch you on the next one! (:

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  1. That sounded amazing. Having twins must be an exciting thing for you. I love twins they are the cutest dressing the same walking the same having their own language. Twins are one of my favorite kinds of babies. So congratulations on your boys and i hope they are happy healthy babies.

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