A Poem: Tomorrow’s Dam

a dam

By: Alaia

(Feature Photo Credit: Australian Geographic)


There is a dam in my chest and it’s waiting to rupture.

Cracks forming on it’s surface with tension building behind it.

Every emotion trapped away, I’m trying to prevent the inevitable.

I can sense the river cresting the edges, spilling over my consciousness.

The overwhelming sense of dread, my loyal shadow.

A tidal wave of hurt and pain is waiting to face me, consume me.

The water calls my name, singing her song, daring me to break.

She’s pushes against the dam, searching for a weak spot.

I’m afraid to let her win, to let her drown me in my own sorrow.

To choke on the emptiness in my heart, and burn in my rage and the sweltering hatred in soul.

She can’t win today, I won’t let her. . .


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