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shop being Alaia journals coming soon

Shop Being Alaia & Being Alaia Journals Coming Soon


Hello, Alaia (uh-lay-uh) here! I have some exciting news if you already couldn’t tell by the title! Being Alaia is expanding and I am adding a shop to the blog so that you can shop Being Alaia merchandise. The products will feature merchandise with the motto, Being Me, since we are all about authenticity here. In addition to merchandise, I will also be dropping high-quality journals uniquely designed by me! I’m so excited to share the designs I have for Being Alaia Journals. They are minimalistic designs to be simple, yet beautiful.

shop being alaia journals
Here are the mockups for my designs! I can’t wait to be able to show you the real thing!

Why Being Alaia Journals?

I truly believe that we are all here to live our best lives and to live as authentically as we can. When I discovered that first for myself, I took to journaling to help me discover who I am. I didn’t journal pages at a time every single day. But I did take some time out of the day to write one or two paragraphs at least about my thoughts, feelings, or the day in general. I found that this really helped me connect with my truest self.

I also realized that I had been searching for this sort of freedom for a really long time and I learned that the more authentic that I was, the more freeing I felt. You can check out my other blog post on other ways that you can get more connected to your true and higher self. They are all methods that I used to help me on my journey of self-discovery, which is essentially the first step to living authentically.

So my mission with this new business endeavor is to encourage others to live as who they are and not who they are expected to be. I imagine that I am not the only one who has felt trapped by expectations and societal standards that are nearly impossible to reach. I just know that I don’t want to live an existence that isn’t one that I chose or believe in.

We are all humans living a human experience and that means living it to the fullest. Not anxiously because we are not where people want us to be, not depressed because we can’t allow ourselves to be comfortable in our own bodies, not constantly in search of the next big thing or trend. We are here to live happily and to fulfill our dream lives in whatever way that looks like to us.

I want Being Alaia to be an inspiration to all of you that it is okay to be yourself, to make mistakes, to struggle, to be happy, to thrive, to live guilt-free, to be free in general. We are all worthy of love because we are all made from love. It is okay for us to just be.

I was trying to keep this blog post from being “hippie-like” and stay on track but I sort of went off on a tangent there. I apologize, I am just so passionate about living authentically and I want to help others to do the same. I’ll end this more casual blog here!

me being me


If you already follow me on social media and/or are subscribed to my newsletters, then this isn’t news to you and I am so grateful for your support! If this is news to you, be sure to follow me on all my social media platforms and subscribe to my newsletter for more updates on the launch! I will also be hosting giveaways on my Instagram and will be sharing a limited discount code via my newsletters so be sure to follow me on Instagram and subscribe at least.

Thank you for your continuous love and support! I hope this blog can inspire you to start your own journey of self-discovery and maybe get you to by one of my journals when the time comes. I truly believe journaling is underrated. It has so much to offer a person and all you have to do is put your thoughts on paper. Okay, okay, I’ll stop now. Thank you again and I’ll catch you on the next blog! (:

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