For Running A Blog Smoothly, I Recommend These 5 Products

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As most of you, I’ve been running a blog for over a year now but only started taking it seriously early this year. I have loved blogging so much, but there is so much I wish I knew before I started. These 5 products being one of those things.

If you’re interested, you can read about my thoughts on blogging here. For those who have been following along, you know I started taking blogging more seriously earlier this year. I wrote about it here.

I’ll be linking a bunch of recommendations so that you can have some examples. Most of the links will be products that I have or am currently using and believe in 100%. Some of the links may be affiliate links which means I get a small commission at no extra cost to you. You can read my affiliate disclaimer for more information. Now let’s get to it!

5 Products You Need When Running A Blog

Item #1:

Blue Light Lens Glasses

If you’re like me, and susceptible to migraines, I highly recommend purchasing a pair (or two) of blue light lensed glasses. They help me so much! I’m still getting into the habit of wearing them regularly, but I do notice a difference between when I am wearing them and when I am not.

My eyes feel less strained when I wear them and I don’t get migraines when I’m staring at my computer or cellphone for hours on end, which will happen should you become a serious blogger.

These glasses were specifically made for people who will often be staring at some kind of screen or running a blog. The lens protect against the harsh lighting of display screens. I honestly believe that everyone should carry a pair of these glasses regularly since so much of a person’s daily life revolves around their smartphones.

blue light lens glasses

Item #2:


When I first started running a blog, I did it all from my iPad and cellphone. That was pretty sufficient for a long time, but when I decided that I wanted to blog more seriously, I invested in a laptop and it has made things so much easier.

It is not as convenient as carrying around my phone or iPad, but it is much more sufficient. I can type out blogs faster, edit my website, and a so much more. Not to mention, a little less than 50% of my readers use a laptop so it’s important that I can see how they view my website on a desktop view rather than a mobile one.

There’s actually a lot of reasons why you need a laptop, but I think I’ll need to save that for a future blog. Comment down below if that’s something you would be interested in reading about.

I will say, that you will definitely need a laptop for Pinterest because there are somethings Pinterest won’t allow you to do on a mobile platform. So this is something you will need to invest in. My laptop is by no means fancy (I plan on upgrading later down the road) but it works well.

Item #3:


This isn’t really a necessary purchase since most smartphone have a camera quality that is pretty high. However, if you can afford it, I highly recommend using a separate camera. I have two different cameras. A  small Canon PowerShot. I just got this one a nd I plan on using this mostly for filming and taking on short trips.

The other camera I have is actually my sister’s but she lets me use it for my blog, and it’s the Canon Rebel T3i or something like that. It’s a larger, fancier camera that comes with two detachable lens. I use this camera for photos and I actually really love it.

The reason why I recommend getting a camera is that having photos in your blog is pretty essential. While you can buy photos to use, that can get expensive. There are also free options, but it possible those photos are less unique (and may require credit) which doesn’t help much with SEO or Pinterest.

I also recommend Canva if you really don’t want to invest in a camera. They have a free plan available, but I think the premium plan is the best choice and you don’t have to worry about copyrights.

Taking your own high quality photos is the best thing you can do when running a blog. You own all the rights, you won’t have to credit anyone, and they’ll be unique and original.  There are so many benefits to having a camera to take your own photos.

cameras and coffee

Item #4:


Whether you use your phone or a camera, I recommend getting a tripod. I have 3, but one is a selfie stick that is also a tripod. I can’t afford a photographer for regular photos, and I don’t have many friends into photography, so I have to take all my photos myself.

I mean sometimes my sister or my husband will take photos for me here and there, but usually it’s just me. So having a tripod is a necessity for me while running a blog. I literally carry at least one all over the place. If I’m bringing my bigger camera then I bring one. I also have one for my ring light. You can never have too many tripods in my opinion, and most are quite inexpensive.

Item #5

Ring Light

I thought ring lights were pretentious at first, because there are always ways to get good lighting, whether you wait for the sun or turn on all the lights in a house. But after finally getting two of my own, I have to admit that I was completely wrong. They totally make a difference in photos whether it be the middle of the day or all the lights are on in the house.

I use two different ring lights. One is a mobile ring light that attaches to my phone. It’s portable and rechargeable, which is so convenient. It makes my camera quality so much better and gives me that extra glow with any selfies. It’s also perfect for product photos that aren’t really large.

The other ring light I have is larger and is currently atop one of my tripods. This one is the one I use at home mostly. It helps even out lighting and protects against glares. It also makes taking photos at night way easier.

ring light


These are my top 5 essential products for running a blog. I own all of these products and they have been such a huge help with making sure I can smoothing run my blog. Which product was your favorite? I personally like the tripods, because I seriously can’t go anywhere without at least one.

Thank you for reading today’s blog! I hope you found it helpful when starting your own blogging journey. Running a blog can be a lot of hard work and you may find yourself doubting your capabilities, but you can definitely do it! I love writing so blogging will always been a passion of mine.

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