Good New Year Resolutions And Goals For 2020

Now that I’ve had six months to adjust to my new role as a mother, I want to take some time to change my routine, and basically how I function, this year. To do this, I have created some goals/resolutions for myself to start off the new year. I don’t am adamant that I am going to follow through on this so I’ve decided to write an update blog in six months to share what I’ve kept up and what I have not.

So for the year of 2020, I want to shape who I am becoming. I want to be more organized, productive, efficient, and I’m hoping my resolutions will create good and healthy habits that I can continue to use for the rest of my life.

My resolutions:

1. Wake up early: I feel like I never have enough hours in the day. So to give myself more time, I’ve decided to get up early. My goal is to be able to wake up at 8am consistently. This will give me more time to be productive throughout the day.

2. Blog more: speaking of consistency, I want to be able to post blogs more often and more regularly. My goal is to have published at least one blog every week. To do this, I’ve decided Friday’s are going to be the day that I publish my posts. Every Friday, I will have new content.

3. Declutter & Organize: I have this horrible tendency to keep everything that has the slightest sentiment or might be even a little important when, in reality, it’s not. So my goal is to have a place for everything. Anything that doesn’t have a place or “spark joy” is getting tossed. I have a small house and not enough room. Every month, I’m designating a part of the house I’m going to go through and declutter and organize. Maybe I’ll blog about how I get rid of things and organize my house. Like or comment on this blog if that’s something you would enjoy reading.

4. Workout more: I work out twice a week for an hour at Orange Theory Fitness and I love it. I’d do it more if it weren’t so expensive because twice a week is not enough for me. So my goal is to spend 30 minutes every morning, except when I have OTF, to do some HIIT (high intensity interval training). I just look up YouTube videos and follow along. It’ll get my heart rate up and make me feel better about myself.

5. Be better: I want to be a better mother, better person, better wife, better friend. I just want to be better. I haven’t figured out how to do that quite yet. But hopefully by working on my other resolutions, I will already have started to be better.

I think the important thing, and the really big factor that will help me accomplish my goals, is to not pressure myself to hard if I can’t maintain some of my resolutions. I’m going to reach my goals in increments and I think that will be my key to success.

Thank you for reading and following along while I discover what it’s like being me. I hope everyone has an amazing new year (and new decade) and that it is filled with love, happiness, and satisfaction! (:

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