5 Important Remote Learning Tips For Parents

The current times can be so stressful and overwhelming. I know virtual learning has been a bit difficult for many families and teachers. This has inspired me to come up with 5 important remote learning tips for parents.

My sister who is an Education Assistant at one of the public middle schools in our area has been telling me about some of the struggles that come with virtual/remote learning. We’ve noticed that remote learning is not only hard for parents and students, but teachers as well.

This is such new territory for so many families and schools, so she came up with 5 simple remote learning tips for parents. If you or your child(ren) have been struggling with virtual learning, check out the tips below.

Remote Learning Tips For Parents #1: Know which educational medium your kids’ school is using:

What this means is which online tool is your child’s school using. Is it google classroom, webex, zoom, etc.?

By knowing which online service your kid is using, you’ll be able to better assist them with turning in assignments and checking in on how they were doing.

Remote Learning Tips For Parents #2: Know your child’s school schedule:

Most schools most likely have an adjusted schedule for remote learning. Learn when recess, lunch, and class periods. Know when school starts and ends.

It’s important that you know what it is so that you can help enforce the schedule. This will help your child stay disciplined throughout the school day.

It will also help you know when to give your child a break, snacks, water, and playtime. That way won’t have to sit at the computer with them.

Remote Learning Tips For Parents #3: Know their teacher’s contact information:

Communicating with teachers is going to be so important now more than ever. Be sure to call them when your child can’t come to class, misses something, or even if you have bad wifi. Finding a way to communicate efficiently is probably the #1 remote learning tips for parents.

Remote Learning Tips For Parents #4: Keep up with your child’s assignments/homework:

You can do this by checking in with them or their teachers. Make sure they write down their homework in their planner to help them stay focused and organized.

It’ll also help you keep up with their assignments as well. I believe a major issue that will occur with virtual learning is that it’ll be easy to fall behind. So try your best to help your child stay on track as best they can.

Remote Learning Tips For Parents #5: Keep your child away from any distractions:

Make sure that there is nothing around ur child that will cause a distraction. This could be a TV, a bed, food, their phone.

Being at home can be a very distracting environment. Having a room that somewhat mimics a classroom would be ideal. It could help create an academic atmosphere and keeps everything that they might need in one area.


I hope the 5 important remote learning tips for parents can help you and your child survive this phase of virtual learning. I know that these tips might not be helpful to all families and that everyone’s family situation may be different, but I’m hoping it may inspire some new ideas or tips for you.

If you have any tips for other parents on how to survive virtual learning, leave a comment below with your advice. Times are tough and helping one another is the best thing we can do for our communities.

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