12 Important Registry Must-Haves For Twins

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I know I struggled with what to put on my babies’ registry so I thought it would be helpful to all of you twin mamas if I compiled a list of important registry must-haves for twins. If you’re wondering, I registered with BabyList and I really loved it. It allows you to create a registry from different stores and put it all in one place. So I had things from Amazon and Target on my registry.

It also showed different price points so family and friends could save money on cheaper options. I recommend (not sponsored) BabyList if you like having a lot of options and can’t decide between Target or Amazon to register.

Fun Fact: You can also add things from other stores to your list and not just products from Amazon or Target. I’ll link below everything that I had on my registry at the bottom of each item. I tried to choose products that were the least expensive or would be long-lasting. I really did not want to invest in things that I would use for a few months at most. Feel free to check everything out!

Item #1: Baby Carrier

If you can foot the bill, I suggest getting a twin carrier for when they’re newborns and into the earlier months. It’s sad how fast babies grow, but you’ll want to be able to carry both in a carrier at once so you can actually do things around the house those first few weeks. Especially if you won’t have any help; that’s why I think it’s one of the most important registry must-haves for twins.

I got the WeeGoo Twin Carrier and it really helped me be more productive during the times the babies would be awake. My husband actually went back to work a few days after I had given birth so it helped me juggle daily chores (what little I could do since I was miserable and recovering) and taking care of the twins. Once they reached like 4/5 months, I stopped using it because they got too heavy.

WeeGo Twin Carrier
Moby Carrier:

Item #2: Double Stroller

You need a double stroller. You need it. This is the #1 item of the registry must-haves list (even thought it’s item #2). I have tried (not on purpose) play dates without it and it’s just horrible. The double stroller is a monster truck of a stroller, but a necessity. If you want any semblance of independence with your babies, then you need a double stroller, trust me.

It’s the only thing that allows me to go places with my babies. It’s my ball and chain (sorry hubs) but it’s also my freedom. Obviously, it’s a love-hate relationship. Do I wish I could be like those cute moms who can fit their strollers easily into their cars and elevators, who can maneuver easily through the aisles at Target? Yes. But I also love being a twin mom so I’ll deal.

Graco Double Stroller:

Item #3: Car Seats

Obviously, this is one of the most important registry must-haves for twins. I highly recommend getting a stroller that’s compatible with your car seat. That way you don’t have to remove the babies from the car seat, you just take the whole car seat with you. It makes things a lot easier those first several months when they can’t stand or walk yet. A lot of stroller brands offer an attachment for car seats to connect with their strollers. Just do your research ahead of time. That’s probably the most important part of choosing a car seat. I actually really liked my car seats. I got two different styles and I’ll link them both at the bottom.

Graco SnugLock 35 Click-Connect:

Graco Convertible Car Seat:

Item #4: Cribs

You really don’t need cribs right away because the babies will sleep in a bassinet in your room for several months depending on when you’re ready to transition them to their own room(s). But you’ll definitely need them eventually and that’s why it’s one of the registry must-haves for twins. I really recommend getting a convertible crib because those will last you longer. They covert into toddler beds and will last you through the years. Our beds for our boys are over a year old now and they are still in great shape.

Convertible Cribs:

Item #5: Changing Table

We have a changing table that my grandparents bought for us, and although I do change our babies on the floor more often, my husband prefers the changing table because he’s taller. It hurts is back to have to lean over all the time so the changing table helps bring the babies up to him. It helps a lot too when the babies are doing alligator rolls trying to escape me. So if you’re husband is tall like mine, then this is one of the registry must-haves for twins. Especially since that’s two diapers you both are going to have to change at a time. It’ll give your back the break it will need.

I couldn’t find the exact one that I had, but I did find something similar.

Changing Table:

Item #6: Diaper Pail

This is a must! Baby poop and pee has such a strong order and most diaper pails have odor protection locks while your regular trash cans don’t. The one I have comes with a child lock too. I never thought I’d actually need that, but that was crazy naïve of me. My little ones learned really fast how to open it. When picking out your diaper pail, be sure to pay attention to whether or not you can use regular trash bags. Some diaper pails need specific plastic bags. I specifically picked the diaper pail that I have because I can use just regular rubbish bags with it.

Ubi Diaper Pail:

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Item #7: Noise Machine

This is on of the most important registry must-haves for twins. It will help put your babies to sleep at night. Many of them have several different sounds you can choose from as well as a few lullabies. I suggest getting one that also is a night light. It makes navigating in the dark easier when it’s the middle of the night.

I love the noise machine that we had. It just broke recently and I nearly cried. We were transitioning the boys out of our room and on the first night it was broken. I had to lay in the crib with both of them (back and forth in each crib) and sing songs until they fell asleep. That’s why I really recommend putting this on your registry.

Hatch Noise Machine:

Item #8: Bassinet

I don’t recommend investing a lot in bassinets because you’ll only need it for a few months. However, there are so many different types of bassinets that you really want to do your research and find one that fits your living arrangements (like in your bedroom).

I am linking all the products that I used at the bottom of this post so you’ll see everything that I got. Our bassinets came with our pack-n’-play so we used that until they got too big for it and then removed it and just used the pack-n’-play as their sleeping arrangements. Then when they got too big for that we moved them into a crib. And then when they got to big again, we moved them out of our room and into individual cribs.

Graco Pack N’ Play With Twin Bassinets:

Item #9: Play Mat

You’re definitely going to need some sort of play mat. They’re great for tummy time and brain stimulation. It also helps if you have a hard floor surface. It provides a little bit more comfort than the floor. That’s why I think play mats are an important registry must-have for twins.

You’ll need all the hands-free activities you can get. The one I got was quite large so it could fit both babies on top of it. I also recommend getting a foam play mat as well if you have hard floor surfaces. Those things are amazing and will protect your baby more often than you’d think.

Item #10: Baby Books

I think baby books are a registry must-have for twins because they’re affordable. I recognize that not everyone can afford big ticket items so I made sure to include affordable options and baby books were one of them.

My twins love books. I use them to teach colors, shapes, animals, and just general vocabulary. They’re also great for bedtime routines. I have a mixture of storybooks (for bedtime) and learning ones for stimulation and teaching. I recommend have a few baby books you like (and other small baby items to your list).

Item #11: Bottles

You’re going to need quite a few bottles when you have twins; that’s why this item is one of the registry must-haves for twins. Thank goodness many bottles come in a set. Some mothers don’t need bottles if they’re exclusively breastfeeding, but if your not one of those mama’s you may want to look around for bottles that’ll fit you and you babies’ need.

If you’re interested in breastfeeding you can read my experience and get some tips here. I knew I wanted to breastfeed so I looked for bottles that would be good for transitioning between breast and bottles. The bottles that we got were actually helpful when I was breastfeeding and help them open their mouth wider to latch.

Commo Tommo Bottles:

Item #12: Twin Z Pillow

Even if you’re not breastfeeding, I recommend adding this to the list of registry must-haves for twins. It makes bottle feeding so much easier and can also be used in other various ways. I also found it really helpful with tandem breastfeeding. My husband and I have used it for the babies practice sitting up, for tummy time, and when they were small enough to nap in it too (supervised and never for long, of course).

Twin Z Pillow:


These, in my opinion, are the 12 most important registry must-haves for twins. I have all these items myself and they were lifesavers in the first year of surviving twins. Which item do you think you’ll need? Comment down below. If you’re new here, be sure to subscribe! I love have people join the Being Alaia family. Not only that, you get a monthly newsletter and some cool freebies so be sure to join my email list.

Also, follow me on social media for daily glimpses into my life. I’m super interactive and enjoy connecting with all of you. I hope you enjoyed today’s blog and were able to find some guidance. Thank you so much for reading. I’ll catch you on the next blog! (:

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