Daily Routine: Quarantine Edition

quarantine life as a twin mom

I thought it would be interesting to at least have some documentation of my life during this quarantine. So I thought a day in the life kind of styled blog would be a good fit. I mean, despite how terrifying the situation is, this will kind of be a moment in history.

Quarantine Morning Routine:

9:00 AM:

My husband & I usually wake up when the twins wake up. I’ve never been a morning person so getting up at 9:00 AM is early as hell. It is so much fun waking up to the twins. More often than not, they get up with a smile. They just love waking up and seeing our faces. It is really the most adorable thing I have ever experienced. Truly, just the best thing to wake up to in the morning. Then we get them changed, dressed, and fed (oatmeal). Sometimes we dress them to match but usually we don’t.

10:00 AM:

By 10:00 AM the twins are dressed and ready for the day. They love to crawl and move around so we close or bedroom door and let them play on the floor. Then we take turns getting ready, so one of us is always watching them. I also have my much needed coffee because there’s no way I can do anything without it. Especially not run around after my boys.

11:00 AM:

When I finally feel more functional and awake. We all relocate to the living room where the boys play in their play pen. I try to tidy up and my husband will make breakfast. Then we eat while the boys mess around. And currently, they have been really interacting with each other (i.e. talking to and stealing each other’s toys). My sister also gets up either earlier or around this time, and she’ll hangout with the babies while I whirl around the house tending to things.

Quarantine Afternoon Routine:

12:00 PM:

Usually about here, the boys will be ready for their first nap of the day. This gives me time to work on my blog, read, or plan my week while my husband plays Call Of Duty until he has to attends his online class. I try to be as productive as possible before the babies wake up so either I’m cleaning, going through emails, working on my blog, or all of the above. It just depends on how much I have to do.

1:00 PM:

Around this time, the boys get up from their nap. My husband’s in class so I get both boys changed and I let them play while I get their baby food and milk ready. Their formula fed. But if you’d like to know more about breastfeeding and a little about my journey with it click here. Then, after eating, they go back to playing and I clean up. Once I finish everything I need to do, I try to spend time with them in their play pen. They love climbing on me and playing with me.

I have also been trying to teach them different things like where their eyes, nose, and ears are. Or I will try to teach them different animals. I also read to them. I have been bored out of my mind lately, and hanging out with the babies is one way that I have been coping with it. Comment down below how you have been coping with boredom! I’m curious to know and could use some new ideas.

4:00 PM:

By now, they will be down for their second and final nap of the day. I’m pretty exhausted at this time of the day, so I just lay in bed, take a nap, or catch up on some of the Youtubers that I like watching. If you would like some recommendations on who to watch, leave a comment and I’ll make a blog of my favorite Youtubers.

The boys only nap for about an hour so I just use as much of this time to relax, self-care, or spend time with my husband. I’ll also have a small lunch or a snack to hold me over until dinner. I try to use the time I get from naps to do whatever I can, that I can’t do while the babies are awake.

Evening/Night Quarantine Routine:

5:00 PM:

Once again, we change, feed the twins, and then let them play. They boys are only 9 months old, so there is only so much you can do with them. I try to stimulate them as much as possible. I’ll check what milestones they are supposed to be reaching and just practice or play with them in ways that will encourage them towards said milestones.

I love watching them think and problem solve. It’s all quite fascinating to me. I’m literally watching them learn and grow. They blow my mind all the time. I also love watching them talk to each other. I have no clue what they are saying, but it looks like they understand each other. They’ll smile or laugh at one another and it’s super cute. I just love being their mom.

9:00 PM:

I bathe them around 9:00 PM at night because I don’t like to bathe them too early. If I do, they end up falling asleep again and then staying up way too late at night. I also only bathe them every other day because their skin gets so dry if I bathe them everyday. We use to do that, before we noticed how it was affecting their sensitive skin. After each bath, I massage lotion into their skin so they are moisturized and then I feed them their oatmeal. Then we head to the bedroom where they’ll play until they get tired.

I bathe them one at a time and I find that that is easier right now. I know some twin moms bathe both babies at once so it’s just a personal preference thing. I think when they’re toddlers, I’ll try doing two at once. While I am taking care of the twins, my husband will be cooking dinner.

11:00 PM:

The twins usually go to bed around 10:00 PM, but on somedays they fight sleep until 11:00 PM. Either way, when they finally fall asleep, the rest of us will have a late dinner. It’s just easier this way. Trying to eat while the babies are awake is borderline impossible. The food only gets cold and the babies end up falling asleep before we can even touch the food anyway. Then once we finish eating, we get ready for bed and chill until midnight (that’s when we usually fall asleep).

End Of Quarantine Daily Routine

That is basically it for our Daily Routine – Quarantine Edition. I should mention that we feed and change the twins every 2-3 hours depending on them. I didn’t bother writing down all the feedings so I thought I would just mention it here.

I had a lot of fun writing and recapping our day-to-day life. Everyday has honestly felt so disorganized since the quarantine started, but after writing it out, it seems more on a schedule than I had originally thought. I just seriously can’t wait for this quarantine to be over. Being stuck at home makes me what to travel to amazing places with my family. Treasured Family Travel’s made an awesome bucket list for the best family travel destinations here. I seriously cannot wait to be able to get out of house!

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  1. I like your routine and how you manage twins. I only have a son and it seems like I have three boys in the house. Mahalo for sharing this. I love it.

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