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The Impossible News (Pregnancy Journey Ch. 02)

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First Trimester – TWINS!!:

If you haven’t yet, be sure to read the first blog of my pregnancy journey here. That blog is about finding out I was pregnant, along with reactions from my husband and mother. A must read! Anyway, back to the story!

I couldn’t believe this was my pregnancy journey. Never in my life did I think I could be having twins. I’m a twin myself and always thought that it skipped a generation. I just could not wrap my head around this news; it seemed too impossible. But there they were, two little blimps on the screen. My fiancé was just as surprised, but even more excited. He wanted twins, but I’ve been telling him it’s highly unlikely because I am a twin and that twins don’t have twins. Boy was I wrong!

What’s even crazier is that they’re identical, just like my sister and I. Fun fact: identical twins are not genetic. It’s an unexplainable phenomenon. No one knows why an egg splits creating twins, it just happens sometimes. I don’t believe this though. I think there must be some kind of genetic cue that tells an egg to split, but scientist just have not found it yet. But Anyway, yeah, they’re identical! I was slightly disappointed by this though because my fiancé and I only want two kids and boy/girl twins would have been perfect, but I got over that fast. It is what it is and I just want them to be happy and healthy.

I showed my mom the ultrasound in the waiting room right where she was sitting because I knew she would be as shocked as I was. But she didn’t understand what she was looking at so I had to explain. She was shook. It took her awhile (months) to absorb this fact.

Thank goodness, I graduated the following week from college. I could not imagine trying to juggle twin babies and still attempt to get a degree. Everything happens at the right time, whether we know it or not. I am truly grateful I managed to graduate right after finding out.

Having twins means my pregnancy journey is automatically high risk, but because they’re Mo/Di (monochorionic/diamniotic) twins they’re even higher risk (but not as high as Mo/Mo twins). Mo/Di means they have their own amniotic sacs but they share a placenta. This means I was going to have a lot of doctor’s appointments, but that didn’t really start till the second trimester. I had occasional appointments in the first trimester, one included seeing an MFM which is like a fetal specialist doctor (super high-tech stuff) and that’s when we got to hear the twins’ heartbeat for the first time (12 weeks). I almost cried. If you want to learn more about the different types of twins, check out this link.

Everything was progressing well with the babies, all good news the first trimester. The only thing that really sucked was the morning sickness, fatigue, and smells. Oh jeez, that really sucked. It started the week after my first appointment. The smell of onions, ground beef, and garlic killed me. I couldn’t eat anything with those things in it either. I was starving all the time, but I had to eat healthier. I was exhausted all the time, yet I wanted to workout so I didn’t gain too much weight. Everything about being pregnant was a giant friggin paradox, but that’s part of the pregnancy journey.

I was lucky though. Those were the only three symptoms that I had to deal with so far in my pregnancy journey. There were just so many new adjustments I had to get used too and it was really hard. The first trimester was a whirlwind of new experiences and emotions and honestly just a lot of everything. But despite all that, I was still so excited to be having these babies.

That’s pretty much everything that happened to me in the first trimester regarding my pregnancy. The second trimester has been just as exciting. We had a gender reveal party, we learned more information about the twins, my bump came in. But I’ll talk more about that in Part II.

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