A Prose Poem: A Mother’s Night

a mother's night with sleeping babies

By: Alaia

(Featured Photo Credit: Baby Sleep Site)


A mother’s night. My night. My arms are filled with sand, eyelids made of cement. Dazed, I walk to you. Following your cries with ever crack in my heart. I ache with every step. I finally make it to you. Using what strength I have, I lift you up and hold you in my arms. I sway to the silent melody in my head and soothe you back to sleep. Exhausted as I am, I don’t put you down right away. I watch you sleep in my arms and listen to your slow even breaths. I absorb every detail in your face. Your round cheeks, big eyes, fluffy hair, small soft hands, I try to remember everything about this moment. For who knows how long I have left where I can hold you like this. My little baby. My own sleep siren softly sings to me now. So I have to put you down. Reluctantly, I gently place you in your bed, tuck you in, and whisper I love you. I back away slowly and steal every second I can. Finally, I get into bed and fall into sleep.


I thought I would try something different and write a prose poem about a mother’s night! If you enjoyed reading it, please leave a like or a comment. If you haven’t yet, be sure to subscribe to my blog! We have Muse Mondays every Monday so stay tuned for more creative stuff. Thank you for reading today’s poem! See you on the next blog here at Being Alaia! (:



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