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Mother’s Day Gift Guide For New Moms 2020

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It is my first, OFFICIAL, Mother’s Day coming up this weekend so I thought I would write a Mother’s Day Gift Guide! I never completely understand the concept of a mother’s love until I became a mother myself. The amount of love I have for my boys consumes me. Whenever I look at them, I can feel the love swell in my chest. They make my heart so full, it seriously just might explode.

I will always remember the day they were born as being one of the best and hardest days of my life. I feel so blessed to be their mother. If you would be interested in reading about my pregnancy journey, you can start here.

One thing about me though, I have never really been a good gift-giver. I always try to think about something thoughtful to give, but I never get it right. I once bought a blouse for my mom thinking she would be in love with it, but she never wore it once. I still have not seen that shirt to this day, and I gave it to her for Christmas 2 years ago. My problem is that I tend to overthink about what to get

So if you’re like me, a guide to great gifts has always been a massive help. It’s perfect for inspiration and getting the right kind of gifts that people will actually like.

To help out my lovely readers, and anyone else who struggles with giving gifts, I created my very own Mother’s Day gift guide. I’ve done a ton of research on each item and I believe that any one of them would make a great gift for any mother. I have only selected gifts I truly believe would make an amazing present. If I missed anything you think would be a remarkable recommendation, leave a comment below! I love hearing feedback from other people.

Here is my Mother’s Day 2020 Gift Guide:

Mother’s Day Gift Guide Item #1: Flowers, Chocolate, and a Card

While most might prefer to receive this from loved ones on Valentine’s Day, flowers and chocolate are a timeless classic. If there are two things in this world women love to receive as gifts, it’s flowers and chocolate. You seriously can’t go wrong with this gift combo. On a time crunch? Then flowers, chocolates, and a sweet thoughtful card are always a good go-to or backup gift.

mother's day gift guide chocolate and flowers

Mother’s Day Gift Guide Item #2: Face Roller (Jade & Rose Quartz):

If your mother doesn’t have one of these, I highly recommend getting one for her. There are so many benefits to a face roller. It helps with redness, puffiness, prolongs the effects of aging, and is just overall really good for your skin. I have one and I just love putting it in the freezer and then using it with my skincare routine or when I have migraines. Here is one I found on Amazon:

Mother’s Day Gift Guide Item #3: House Slippers

I love house slippers. They keep my feet clean while indoors and they’re cozy, comfortable, and make my feet feel happy. As a mom, I’m always chasing after my little ones so having amazing house slippers that make my feet feel good in are important. Here are some that I would highly recommend as a great Mother’s Day gift:

Mother’s Day Gift Guide Item #4: Pajama Sets

You can’t go wrong with a nice cozy and comfy pair of pajamas. Especially since nowadays, all I do is spend the day in my PJs. It is truly remarkable if I even put pants on. Just kidding again… But any mother would love a nice set of pajamas. It can be hard sleeping at night as a mother because there are always a hundred things on our to-do lists so having a nice pair of PJs to help us sleep at night would be perfect.

Here is a set from SHEIN that is exactly what I would want in a pajama set: SHEIN 7 Pcs Satin PJ Set

mother's day gift guide pajama set

Mother’s Day Gift Guide Item #4: Coffee Mug

Another thing that I love, mugs. I love coffee mugs! Especially when they have cute or funny little sayings on it. Plus, coffee is like a necessity now that I am a mother. As I have mentioned many times, I cannot function without it. If you’re a mom who can, I give all the props to you. If you’re a mother of multiples and don’t need it, you are an inspiration. But yes, a coffee mug makes an amazing Mother’s Day gift. Here are a few mugs perfect for Mother’s Day:

Mother’s Day Gift Guide Item #5: Wine Glass

If your mother is a wine lover like I am (and my own mom) then, much like the coffee mug, a wine glass would be a good gift as well. It can have a cute or funny saying on top to make drinking wine even that more enjoyable. As I like to say, “a glass of wine a day, keeps one’s sanity at bay. Here are a few wine glasses great for any mother:

Mother’s Day Gift Guide Item #6: Throw Pillow

I just found these super cute throw pillows that say “Home is wherever mom is” on Amazon and I just think any mother would truly love that. I know I definitely would! I’m actually considering getting one for myself. Plus, throw pillows just makes the atmosphere of a home feel more comfortable and relaxing. Every mother is a homemaker whether they try to be or not so why not get something to make their home feel just a tad bit more complete. Here’s a few links:


Mother’s Day Gift #7: Purse Organizer

Since becoming a mom, my purse organizer has become my holy grail. Instead of having to rummage around my purse looking for one specific item, my purse organizer organizes the items in my purse. And if you’re a mom, you know how much stuff we need to carry in our purse. I have hand sanitizer, lip gloss, hand lotion, moisturizer, snacks, literally everything I could possibly need in any situation. I love my purse organizer and I am so confident your mother will love her own too. Here’s the link to the one I purchased on Amazon:

Bonus Luxury Item: A Mom Purse – LV Neverfull (Luxury Item):

This is a luxurious item so I know not everyone can afford something like this for their mother, but I thought I would just include it because this has been a dream item of mine. The Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote bag would be an outstanding Mother’s Day gift that any mother would love. One day, I hope to purchase this bag when I can afford it. It is the perfect mom bag!

Here’s the link: Louis Vuitton Neverfull

mother's day gift guide LV Neverfull

Well those are my recommended gifts! I hope you liked it or at least were able to find some inspiration on what to give your mother for Mother’s Day. If you did, please don’t forget to leave a like below. What was your favorite item on this list? Leave a comment! Also, if you haven’t yet, be sure to subscribe to Being Alaia for lifestyle and creative content! You can follow and interact with me on social media too! Thank you for reading today’s blog and I’ll catch you on the next one! (:

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