My First Mother’s Day: A Disaster

A few weeks ago was my first ever Mother’s Day and I was so excited. The day started so great. My husband spoiled me with a new controller for my Nintendo Switch, my favorite chocolates and snacks, and new shoes. I couldn’t believe how thoughtful he was. He even made breakfast and took care of the twins so I could get dressed and ready for the day.

This was literally the first time in weeks I even attempted to get dressed and put makeup on. I knew I want going anywhere, but I wanted to celebrate to occasion and take a ton of photos.

It seemed so surreal that this was my very first Mother’s Day. It seemed like just yesterday I was pregnant with my boys. If you’re interested in reading about my twin pregnancy, start here.

Honestly, the morning was amazing. I just wanted to be with my family and celebrate one of the greatest accomplishments of my life. The boys also turned 10 months!

Time has literally just flown by and I wanted to have the day to slow it down a little, to reflect on all the ups and downs of motherhood. Mother’s Day was supposed to be my day.

But shortly after the bliss, came a disaster of a storm.

My husband went to take our dog out for a walk when the neighbors came over to talk to him about a crying baby. They asked him if he knew anything about a crying baby that lives next to them (unbeknownst to them that we are the ones who lives next to them).

They also said that they were concerned because said baby will cry for hours on end, which isn’t true because we track and time everything.

My husband explained to them how we have twins (not one baby) and that we’ve been trying to teach them to self-soothe (hence the crying).

When he came back to relay the conversation, I was devastated. All my excitement for Mother’s Day completely vanished. What made it was worse was my husband insinuations that they might call the cops (or worse: CPS).

I was completely horrified and a wreak. I couldn’t stop crying for hours. How could this be my first Mother’s Day? How could any of this be happening? Am I a bad mother?

So many negative thoughts were running marathons around my brain. I couldn’t think straight or process words. I just cuddled my babies and cried, praying the day would end and they wouldn’t be take from me.

My husband and I got into a huge argument about this and everything was just too much.

My sister helped reassure me that babies cry and they didn’t know we had two, that I’m a good mother, and even if CPS or the cops came they would see TWO perfectly happy and healthy baby boys.

Her words registered in my brain and I stopped crying. Dare I say, I even felt a little relieved.

I didn’t want to do anything else to celebrate though. As far as I’m concerned, my Mother’s Day ended that morning, before all the sadness.

But my brother and his friend were making a Mother’s Day dinner I couldn’t refuse. So we went over to my mom’s house and ate Shabu Shabu (Japanese Hot Pot). It was so delicious!

It was a nice way to end Mother’s Day and I was so grateful to spend that time with my family.

To some, this may not seem like a lot. But I’m a new mom with tons of doubt and mom guilt. This whole ordeal was a nightmare to me and a real eye opener.

I will never forget my first Mother’s Day and what a disaster it was. Not to mention, every year from now on, I will always remember this day as a negative experience.

I wanted to share my experience with all of you because maybe it can be used as a reminder to be kind to everyone, to be conscientious of what you say to others. You never know how it might affect someone.

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9 thoughts on “My First Mother’s Day: A Disaster”

  1. So sorry this happened to you momma! Your sister is 1000% correct! It’s great that you have someone to share your feelings with. That is KEY in this motherhood journey!

  2. Apologies, Lady for your Mother’s day. Ty for sharing your experience and hopefully things get better with your neighbor too. Glad it all worked out in the end, though. 🙂

  3. Danielle Wilson

    I’m sorry that they made you feel this way on your first Mother’s Day. Please know that you are doing the best that you can and never doubt that you know what’s best for your children

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