motherhood and my babies

New Ways Motherhood Changed Me

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They say motherhood is life altering. And duh, it’s true. Your entire world shifts to accommodate the new little human(s) that you carried for several months and then finally brought into the world. But what nobody really tells you is that you as a person change entirely as well. I know I definitely have.


I’m More Emotional:

I was never an emotional person before. I hardly cried. EVER! But since my pregnancy, my eyes are a friggin’ water feature. Plant me in your front yard and watch the water works show of a lifetime. I cry over everything! Especially over Facebook videos! Doesn’t matter the mood, happy, sad, and even funny videos make me cry. It’s ridiculous. I’ll be thinking about how lucky I am, and I’ll be in instant tears. Watching my twins? More tears. Listening to a story somebody tells me? Yup, you guessed it. TEARS!

It’s beyond frustrating. So having to constantly deal with my emotions has been such a struggle for me. I kind of figured out that it’s much easier for me to manage my emotions when I let out everything that I’m feeling when I feel it. Instead of bottling all up, I cry when I need to, feel angry when I need to, and so on. It’s helps a little, but I guess that’s just a part of motherhood.

I’m More Outgoing:

After having my babies and finally feeling like myself again, I felt really lonely. I am the first of my close friends group to have kids and although they are beyond supportive and loving of not only me, but the twins too I realized I needed some friends who could relate to the struggles I was going through. So since becoming a mom, I have been more outgoing.

I never liked going out that much when it was just me, but now I try to meet as many other moms as I can and try to set up “Mom Dates.” I have met a few incredible mothers and have really enjoyed their company. It’s comforting to know that there are moms out there who feel the same as me or are going through the same thing as me.

I’m Bettering Myself:

I always want to better myself, and I feel motherhood has helped me do that. I work harder at communicating how I’m feeling, I am more honest and vocal about the things that I want or need, I spend more time in real life because I don’t want to miss a moment, I am more conscientious of people’s feelings and of my surroundings, and I try to find more ways to help others. Having and raising children, makes me want to be better.

I will forever want to be a good example for them and by bettering myself, I can do that. It may take a while to be exactly who I want to be, but I know I’m on the right path.


Motherhood has been such an adjustment for me. There are so many things I had to change in my life, so many sacrifices I had to make. It can be exhausting and frustrating at times and I Just want to give up. But it’s also incredibly rewarding watching my little ones grow everyday. I have never felt more blessed in my life than now.

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motherhood and my twins



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