3 Monthly Subscriptions I Thrive On

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If you’ve been stuck at home, don’t personally love going out to do your shopping, have no taste, or don’t like to make your own choices (me, me, and me)? Then you need these monthly subscriptions in your life.

It honestly took me a while to figure out which subscriptions worked best for me and I have not regretted any of the choices that I am putting on this list. I truly use their products every single month and I just love that I don’t have to go out or make any of my own decisions.

It’s especially handy since I have twin boys and getting us all out of the house (to go literally anywhere) can be a massive struggle.

If there are any monthly subscription companies that you personally love, please leave a comment! I love trying out new brands and companies.

So, here are all the money subscriptions that I thrive off of! I hope you find one you love as much as I do!


Monthly Subscription #1: Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is my go-to monthly subscription. Every time I receive a box, I end up purchasing something. It’s affordable, high quality, and styled just for you! It cost $20 a month (which is returned in store credit), plus the cost of what ever products you keep.

Inside your Fix, you receive 5 items. You can purchase the whole box at a discount or just pick and choose the pieces that you like. I suggest giving it a few months for your stylist to figure out what kind of style you like. There’s a quiz you take in the beginning so your stylist has an idea, but once they get it down, it’s like having Christmas once a month.

The best part is that you can choose how frequent you receive your Fixes (box of products) so that, should money be tight, you can just schedule a Fix on your own demand instead of every month. I highly recommend this company because the service is great and you get a cute little not from your stylist in every box. It makes me feel so professional and I just love having someone choose options for me. This is a monthly subscription that I highly recommend.

Monthly Subscription #2: Ipsy Glam Bag

Ipsy is another one of my favorite monthly subscriptions. I have the cheapest subscription plan which is 5 deluxe sample size beauty products for $12 a month and it comes in an adorable makeup bag. You take a little quiz and then based off your answers they send you makeup or skin care items they think you’d like. They know my skin better than I do and always find tinted moisturizer/foundation in my color. I can’t even do that!

I have considered upgrading my plan, but I have not found what kind of makeup I like the best yet and I really love how convenient the deluxe samples are. I put them in my purse (a.k.a. mom bag) so I always have everything I need. Trust me, it comes in super handy. That is why Ipsy is one of my favorite monthly subscriptions. I look forward to their pink package every month.

Monthly Subscription #3: Scentbird

I just started this monthly subscription and I already love it. Scentbird is a monthly subscription for luxury perfumes (and colognes). I’m only just now getting into scents and that is why I love this subscription. They send you a month worth of a luxury perfume (of your choice) for you to test out. If you like it, you have the option of purchasing the bottle at a discounted price. I have not found a scent I like, but I have a bunch of perfumes (and colognes) waiting to be tested out.

What’s really good about Scentbird is that they explain all the details of the products they have. What’s in it, the notes, when is the best time to wear a product, and so on. They also the reviews of other customers who have purchased or sampled a scent. There are a ton of benefits to this monthly-subscription.


If I could only have 5 monthly subscriptions, it would be these 5 (obviously not including entertainment subscriptions like Hulu/Netflix because mama needs her shows).

They cover every base: makeup, fashion, fitness, scents, and home necessities. Not to mention that all are inclusive for men (unless you’re a man who doesn’t like to wear makeup).

I highly recommend trying out these companies and see what they offer. Many of these have the option to try their services before committing to anything. You can also cancel at any time if you no longer have any use for them.

Personally, for me, I don’t think I can live without any of these monthly subscriptions. They are all worth checking out! If you have tried any of these brands, let me know which one is your favorite down below!

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10 thoughts on “3 Monthly Subscriptions I Thrive On”

    1. I used to have a Stitch fix subscription! It was really fun getting the pieces in the mail to try on. And they really had a good feel for my style!

  1. Caressa Walker

    Ive heard nothing but great things about StitchFIX.And I hate shopping now being a mom because my kid doesnt usually act right so this is a good option.

    1. I feel you, mama. That’s why I rely on my Stitch Fix so much, haha. It’s especially handy since I haven’t been able to leave the house in so long.

    1. It definitely is if you’re trying to find something new but don’t want to waste too much money. You have the whole month to test a scent and you don’t even have to leave your house.

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