My Identical Twins Birth Story (Pregnancy Journey Ch. 07)

Identical twins birth story

This is the final chapter (Chapter 7) of my Pregnancy Journey and it’s my identical twins birth story. If you’re new, you can start this journey with me here. If you’ve been keeping up with the series, thank you for your continuous support! I’m truly so grateful! Comment down below if you’ve been following along from the start. I’d love to know you personally!

My Identical Twins Birth Story

It’s been almost two years since I gave birth, so bare with me as I write my identical twins birth story. I don’t have the best memory and hindsight tells me I should have wrote this way sooner. I will do my best to recall as much information as I can so that future twin moms can know what to expect for their own identical twins birth.

Induction Day

I found out the day before that I was going to be induced the next morning. I was exactly 37 weeks when they told me, which is the maximum amount of time one should be carrying mono/di twins. This just means they were sharing the same placenta and after 37 weeks the placenta struggles to support two babies. That’s why it’s important to make sure those babies are out by then.

I couldn’t care less about the reason, I was so miserable by then that I just wanted them out. So 5am on July 14th, 2019, I arrive at the hospital to get checked in. The beginning process is a bit lonely since my husband had to wait in the waiting room until I was sent to my own labor room. They check all your vitals, set up your IVs, hook you up to monitors that tracks your contractions, and then when everything looks okay they send you to a labor room.

Once settled in my room, they hooked me up to the contraction monitor and started the pitocin (that’s what starts getting labor going). Once that started I couldn’t eat anything that wasn’t liquid so I got soup and juice for lunch, but most of the day was just a waiting game. My contractions did start to pick up and I dilated a little, but not enough to start active labor. Due to this, my nurses and doctors decided to give me a break from the pitocin so I could eat something more solid that night. We would just pick up again tomorrow and hopefully I’d go into active labor then.

Last photo of my baby bump! I wish I had taken one at the hospital when I had initially arrived for my identical twins birth.

The Day of Giving Birth

I have to admit that I probably slept through most of this day. I was mostly bored out of my mind trying to get labor going, but all I could really do was wait for the pitocin to kick in. My nurses were amazing and just moved around me while I slept. But because Baby B was at such a low position in my stomach, his heart monitor would always come loose and the nurses would have to come in and fix it over and over again.

Also, the gel they used made my skin so itchy! I would always have to scratch, which would move the monitor once again and the nurses would have to come in a fix it. Eventually, I learned how to fix it on my own and how to move less so they didn’t need to come in as often once I was able to adjust it myself. All though they were always in and out of the room checking my vitals, helping my OBGYN check my cervix, and etc.

My OBGYN decided that labor was not arriving fast enough and we needed to do things to speed the process along. I didn’t care or ask questions because I wanted my boys out. I was miserable and I was ready to reclaim my body for myself. Little did I know that the steps to encourage active labor were awful. I believe they broke my water bags first. That wasn’t too bad, just uncomfortable. When that didn’t kickstart my active labor, my OBGYN said he needed to stretch my cervix. . .

I was ignorant to what that even meant, and it was the worst experience of my whole life at that point in time. It felt like he was trying to tear me apart from the inside out. It was traumatizing to say the least. I cried during and after and I couldn’t stop shaking. Honestly, just that was worse than than my entire pregnancy and delivery. It was horrible. But it got the job done and brought me closer to my identical twins birth.

Shortly after, my contractions started to pick up and get stronger. I wanted to experience as much of this birth as possible so I waited as long as I could handle before I got the epidural. I had to get the epidural whether I wanted to or not (just for reference, I wanted it) because I was delivering in the OR and incase I needed an emergency c-section, I was already numbed up.

The epidural was amazing and allowed me to rest a little bit more before the babies were ready to come out. I was actually sleeping when I felt the urge to push, that’s what woke me up. It felt like I had to poop, which is what they tell you it feels like. My husband suited up in his scrubs and put our hairnets on, I got one final cervix check, and then they carted my bed to the OR. It was time for my identical twins birth!

Giving Birth

Once inside the OR, I was lifted onto the table and it was time to get pushing. I couldn’t really feel the contractions, only a slight tensing in my stomach, so I used that contraction machine that I was hooked up to to help signal when it was time to push. I honestly didn’t do much pushing, mostly for Baby A, because once their heads were popping out my whoo-ha, my OBGYN just used forceps to get them the rest of the way out.

Once they were out, they labeled them, cleaned them up a bit, and then put them on my chest for skin-to-skin contact. I remember hearing my firstborn cry and I have to admit it was a pretty relieving sound. I didn’t have to much time to dwell on Baby A though since I still had to get out Baby B.

The actual amount of my with my identical twins birth was less than an hour, so it was really quick. I tore and I knew I did because it felt like pressure was being relieved and there was like a warm wetness, but thank goodness for that epidural because I felt no pain. I love the epidural, love it. If I ever have more kids, I will be using that again.

I lost a lot of blood from the delivery and almost needed a transfusion. But my doctors decided to wait and see how I did first. In the end, I didn’t need it. My poor husband was so worried, he said I looked so pale. I felt fine, personally, just sleepy and a little fuzzy. My memory is a bit hazy from here on out for my identical twins birth story.

I remember being sent back to my room where my family was waiting (pre-COVID) and everyone was just chatting while we waited for the nurses to come and measure them and things like that. They remained on my chest for that whole period I believe. I still couldn’t feel my legs yet so I didn’t mind waiting. After the nurses came, took their measurements, wrapped them, we were sent to my recovery room.

Hospital Stay

My recovery room was so lovely and I was grateful for how spacious it was. My family had left before I moved to this room since I gave birth pretty late into the night so it was just me and my husband spending sometime with our brand new babies. I don’t remember a lot of our hospital stay because I mostly slept and the days after were quite difficult for me.

I know the nurses came every two hours to help me breastfeed, but that was quite difficult with two babies and they struggled a bit with getting milk. Both had tongue ties so my nurses gave them formula from a syringe. I was sad about that because I had not realized how difficult breastfeeding really is. You can read more about my breastfeeding journey here if you’re interested. It also has helpful tips for how to succeed with your own breastfeeding journey.

I also remember bleeding a lot. Thank goodness I brought adults diapers because I kept bleeding through the pads they gave me while I slept, or even when I would just stand up. I brought a lot of stuff to the hospital, but if you would like a general idea, I have a list of everything you’ll need for your hospital stay here.

The first few days after my identical twins birth were the hardest part of my whole pregnancy journey, the pregnancy itself being second. I remember being in pain and being uncomfortable. I tried to sleep as much as I could, but I also wanted to spend every second with my two little peanuts. My husband had to convince me to let the nurses return the babies to the nursery so I (and he) could rest.

My family would visit when they could bring food and goodies for the hospital staff for me. But most of them waited a until much after we left the hospital to come see the babies, which I was grateful for. It gave me a chance to recuperate and heal more fully from my identical twins birth, as well as give my new family adjust to our new life.


That is my identical twins birth story in a nutshell! Most of the details of the moment have already been long forgotten, but it was nice to write the down what I could remember and relive the hazy euphoric moment of it all. I feel so blessed to have my boys and I love the family we have become.

Thank you for reading today’s blog! If you enjoyed it be sure to subscribe to learn more about what it’s like Being Alaia. You can also follow me on all my social media platforms and even catch a glimpse of life with my babies there. Thank you for allowing me to share my identical twins birth story and I hope some of you may have found it insightful. I appreciate all your love and support and I’ll catch you on the next one! (:

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