6 Fun Ideas For A Safer Halloween

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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays but with everything going on in the world, I know it’s going to be hard to celebrate the way many of us have done so in the past. With that in mind, I still wanted to find ways to make this year’s Halloween special. That’s why I came up with 6 ideas for a safer Halloween.

This year, I was especially excited to celebrate the occasion because my babies are a little older now and it would have been so cute to see them walk around in their costumes. No, I haven’t figured out what they are going to be this year, however planning last minute costumes can be quite exciting. Besides, I still got time.

If you’re interested in learning more about Halloween, or you want to teach your kids about it, you can find all your answers here.

But if you’re just trying to find ways to make this Halloween just as exciting as past years but keep it safe, below are three ways you can Trick-or-Treat safely (should you choose to go outside) and three ways you can still have fun celebrating Halloween at home.


Trick-Or-Treating Ideas For A Safer Halloween:

Goody Bags Near The Front Door:

You know how some houses leave their candy in a bowl near the front door instead of just handing them out? I think taking it a bit further and creating little goody bags with a variety of candy inside is a thoughtful way to give kids a safer trick-or-treating experience.

This way children won’t have to dig around into a bowl of candy spreading possible germs onto all the other candy in the bowl. Instead, they just quickly pick up a good bag (or two). It also keeps germs from spreading when having to handout candy face-to-face.

Practice Proper Social Distancing Etiquette:

This one is quite obvious. Don’t forget to remain at least 6 feet away from people and wear a mask. Everyone wants to have a good time, but it shouldn’t come as a risk to other. Wearing a mask and keeping your distance is a really easy thing that we can all do to make sure Trick-Or-Treating is a safe experience for everyone.

I know I personally want to spend Halloween outside, but if it turns out things are not better and its safest to stay inside, then I’ll be staying inside instead and recommend that you all do as well. But just make sure to check what information is available for your local area. I know things are different everywhere.

Take Turns Trick-Or-Treating:

Instead of everyone gathering at the front door to receive candy, each party can take turns getting their candy on a first come first serve basis. Like a four-way stop sign. This could prevent overcrowding and congestion, which would prevent spreading any germs to others. This is more of a community effort, but you can always practice this by yourself or with your own party of people.


At-Home Ideas For A Safer Halloween:

Movie Night:

Halloween movies and horror movies are one of my genres to watch. I love the adrenaline rush and being scared. Of course I have to watch some kind of cartoon to make me feel safe again, but I don’t mind that. So if you’re anything like me, a movie night is one of the best ideas for a safer Halloween at home.

If I end up doing this, I would not mind at all. I’d probably make my husband prepare us some popcorn and drinks and then have him choose a good scary movie and then snuggle up to him and hide my face at all the scary parts (or try to scare him instead). This is a great date night idea too if you want it to be Halloween themed. I have more romantic at-home date ideas here.

Costume Fashion Show:

Dressing up is one of the pillars of Halloween, yet I know how hard it can be to want to get dressed when you have nowhere to go. That’s why I thought a Costume Fashion Show would be a great way to motivate anyone to dress up, even if you can’t show it off outdoors.

You can do this over video chat and take turns strutting your stuff, showing off what amazing costume you created or bought. Or you can make it a fun thing amongst a small group of friends or families. I think even kids might enjoy this option. Then you could have a photoshoot and keep the memories of an indoor Halloween forever.

Create Halloween Desserts:

Putting together amazing desserts can lift anyone’s mood. Make some Halloween cookies or anything pumpkin flavored and that will give you the Halloween spirit you’re looking for. Even better, combined this with the Movie Night and you have yourself a fun and eventful Halloween night.

If I end up having to stay home, then I’m definitely going to bake cookies with my husband (another one of my at-home date ideas). We’ve been wanting to back these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for a while now so Halloween would be the perfect occasion.

I’m linking below this Halloween Dessert Cookbook that is currently less than $3. But if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free! It has a ton of Halloween dessert recipes so there’s no excuse why you can’t use this as one of your ideas for a safer Halloween at-home.



Thank you for reading today’s blog! I hope you enjoyed it and found a few ideas for a safer Halloween that fits you and your loved ones. Comment below which idea is your favorite or what you’re going to do for Halloween. I’m so curious to see how you all plan on celebrating the occasion.

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Thank you again for all your love and support! I couldn’t pursue my passions if it weren’t for all of you and I truly appreciate every single one of you. Have a safe Halloween and I’ll catch you on the next blog! (:

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