Hospital Bag For Twins: 15 Important Items You Need

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I Googled & YouTubed everything I might need to pack in my hospital bag for twins and me. I started with overpacking and then eliminated items I found out the hospital would provide for me. So it might be a good idea to check with your hospital what things they will give you so you don’t have to stress about packing to heavily. I wanted to pack my hospital bag for twins as light as I could because I knew my husband and I would have or hands full most of the time.

The items I am listing below will be everything I packed in my hospital bag for twins. It’ll include things the twins will need, things you will need, and things your husband will need. I was very lucky to live only a few minutes away from our hospital so I wasn’t too worried about forgetting anything because my husband could just swing by the house and pick it up. If you’re not as fortunate, I highly recommend making a list. I already have a free hospital bag checklist printable available in my Resource Library. All you have to do is subscribe for free access to it.

I’ll also list all the things the hospital provided for me so you can kind of get an idea of what you don’t need to pack. The hospital literally gave me so many things, I needed a separate empty bag for it. I honestly went home with more than I brought (including two brand new babies, lol). Anyway, let’s get to it!

Items You Need In Your Hospital Bag For Twins

Items To Include In Hospital Bag For Moms:


I packed a robe, but I didn’t end up wearing it. I opted to stay in my hospital gown, but it was handy when family would be visiting me and I didn’t want my butt showing when I would leave the bed to use the bathroom or just to walk around in. However, when it was just me and my husband or even around the nurses, I didn’t care as much because they didn’t care either. I had such lovely nurses while I was in the hospital, you can read about them more when I post my birth story in a future blog (so stay turned).


This was actually pretty important because it was quite dry and cold at the hospital so my lips were constantly getting chapped. I think I drank so much water too because of this, but the hospital provided me a lot of water and ice since those were pretty much the only things I could have when I started to transition into active labor.

Extra Hair Ties

There’s no such thing as too many hair ties! I knew when I was giving birth that I would want my hair up and out of the way. The also make you where a hair net/scrub hat kind of thing when you deliver in the OR (operating room) anyway so it was just easier for me to make sure I had enough hair ties to keep my hair out of my face. I’ll also be explaining why I had to deliver in the OR in my birth story blog.

Discharge Clothes (Maternity Clothes)

Since you can’t go home in your hospital gown, you’ll need discharge clothes. This was literally the only outfit I had packed in my hospital bag for twins because I knew I was going to be naked the whole time (I mean, besides my hospital gown and later the mesh undies).

You’re also going to want to pack maternity clothes since you’ll still be pretty big after giving birth. Your uterus is going to need some time to heal and retract so loose fitting clothing was what worked best for me.

Toiletries (i.e. Toothbrush, Deodorant, Hairbrush, Body Soap, etc.)

I stayed at the hospital for 3-4 days, so I showered and brushed my teeth while I was there. Deodorant was also a necessity for me, as well as lotion since it was so dry. So it’s really up to you what you will and won’t need, but I imagined packing my toiletries as if it were a short vacation.

Optional Items:


I didn’t pack makeup, but I did have my sister bring in a few things and she applied it before I went into labor. It was nice because we did take pictures before and after my twins were born and I didn’t look as bad as I felt. It also helped boost my confidence before going into labor, which sounds crazy, but was a huge help. So if you’re like me, maybe pack a some vital pieces of makeup.

Depends Diaper

I mostly used the mesh underwear and pads they gave me while staying at the hospital, but on the last day I used the adult diapers and they were way better in my opinion. I didn’t leak blood everywhere and I didn’t have to worry about changing a pad every couple of hours. I personally found it more convenient and continued to use it at home until the bleeding got light enough for a regular pad. I recommend trying it, but this is more of a preference item.

Breastfeeding Supplies (i.e. Breast Pump, Nursing Pillow)

Another optional item I brought, but highly recommend, is my nursing pillow and breast pump. While staying at the hospital, they were able to teach me how to use everything. We were also able to practice tandem feeding using my nursing pillow. So if you’re unsure about breastfeeding, I recommend bringing your nursing supplies so the hospital staff can help you.

Items To Include In Hospital Bag For Twins:

Car Seats

If you’re unsure about what car seat to get (or about what you should put on your registry) I wrote a blog about all the things I needed for my twins here. I listed the two car seats that I got for my babies and I love them both! My mom has one that’s convertible so it’ll last a long time and we have the another one which will last until the babies are 35 lbs. Once they reach the max limit for the car seat we have, I’m going just go to start using the car seat my mom has.


If you have any of those velcro swaddles, I recommend bringing those to the hospital. They make swaddling so much easier! We didn’t actually bring any swaddles and were wrapping them like burritos, but then my friends gave me some that she didn’t need anymore and it was enlightening. My husband loves her for giving them to us because he just couldn’t imagine life without those velcro swaddles.

Socks & Mittens

The hospital is pretty cold so we made sure to pack some socks and mittens for their going home outfits and for their stay at the hospital. They look so cute with them on too so don’t forget to pack a few pairs of this.

Going Home Outfit

I didn’t buy a specific outfit for their going home outfit, but I kind of wish I did for pictures and stuff. But at the same time, I wasn’t sure how big they were going to be when they arrived so I just played it safe and packed 2 newborn outfits and 2 0-3 months outfits. Thank goodness I did, because my babies were big and didn’t need the newborn outfits.

Items To Include In Hospital Bag For Dads:


I’m not sure how other hospitals work, but my hospital did not provide food for my husband so we survived off snacks and food that my parents and grandparents brought him. You don’t really get to eat that much while in labor so that’s why I didn’t put snacks under things for mom.


My husband only got a pull out couch so bring some blankets (and a pillow) for your hubby. It pretty cold in the hospital (although, I only felt hot most of the time) so my husband was living in sweats and I gave him one of my blankets and pillows because I didn’t need them as much.


It gets kind of boring waiting around for labor to start going so make sure you have your chargers for your phone and tablets or whatever you want to bring. Plus, you’ll probably need to be communicating with a lot of people while you’re in the hospital. I know I was constantly texting people while I was there.

Change Of Clothes

My husband didn’t really need a lot of clothes because we lived really close to the hospital so he would just go home and come back. But I know that not all parents are that fortunate so make sure dad packs some change of clothes so he can shower and get ready at the hospital.

Toiletries (i.e. Toothbrush, Deodorant, Hairbrush, Body Soap, etc.)

Again, my husband went home to take care of himself and his hygiene but if you don’t have that luxury, don’t forget the toiletries.

Items The Hospital Provided:

This is everything that the hospital provided for me, mostly postpartum care stuff, so you really don’t have to worry too much about that. You will have so many other things to focus on while staying at the hospital so I think the hospital that we stayed at did a great job of taking care of me and my babies. So just take a look at the list below so you kind of have an idea of what you need and don’t need.

Hospital Gown


Mesh Underwear

Extra Large Pads

Ice Packs

Pain Relieving Spray

Witch Hazel Cotton Pads


Depending on your situation you might need more or you might need less. Everything I listed though are all the main important things you will need in your hospital bag for twins. It’s everything I packed in my hospital bag for twins and for myself and it worked out great. What something you’ll need from this list? I personally highly recommend the velcro swaddles.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog and kind of have a good idea of what to bring with you in your hospital bag for twins, mom, and even dad. I know it can be overwhelming so hopefully this has helped you.

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