8 Healthy Lifestyle Habits Worth Practicing

I’ve was in a bit of a slump a whiles back and I struggled to get out of it. But I found that once I started practicing these healthy lifestyle habits, I felt better about myself and I would have a better day.

I also noticed that the longer I kept these habits up, the longer I felt more satisfied and fulfilled. Adding these healthy habits to the habits I practice for productivity (you can check it out here) was just what I needed.

So if you aren’t confident with what healthy lifestyle habits are worth practicing, then try out these 8 habits. They are effective and perfect to incorporate into your daily routine. 

Healthy Habit #1:

Wake Up Earlier:

As a night owl, waking up early is a complete nightmare for me. So that’s why I said ”earlier.” Waking up 1 hour earlier, or even just half an hour, can make a big difference in your day.

For me, I’ve started waking up an hour before my babies do. Thank goodness my little ones don’t wake up at the crack of dawn so I only have to get up around 8am. Sometimes I have great days where I can get up at 7am, but I’m not too hard on myself if I can’t do it.

Having that extra hour has been so amazing. I can enjoy my coffee and get ready without having to juggle the twins around. If I get up even earlier, then I can get some work done too. This is definitely a healthy lifestyle habit worth practicing.

Healthy Habit #2:

Drink More Water:

I know water can be so hard to drink, but it’s so important that you get in a good amount of water throughout the day. There are so many benefits to it.

One, being great skin which is something I don’t have naturally so I have to drink a ton of water to prevent breakouts. Two, is that it gives you energy which I need because I have two kiddos. And three, you need water to stay hydrated. Duh.

If you struggle to drink water like me, I wrote a blog about different tactics I use to get myself to drink more water. You can read it here if you’re interested. It has been so helpful for me.

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Healthy Habit #3:

Eat Regularly

Since becoming a mom, I noticed that I don’t eat as much or as regularly as before. I always feel like their isn’t any time to eat so some days I’ll have one meal other days I’ll just have had some snacks throughout the day.

I noticed this was incredibly unhealthy because on the days I do eat well, I’m in a much better mood and have way more energy to be productive. The side effects from my lack of eating was so bad that now, my husband has to always make sure I have had something to eat.

Making sure you eat something regularly is a healthy lifestyle habit worth practicing. It’s not only beneficial to you and your body, but also the people around you. So try to make sure you get something good to eat throughout the day.

Healthy Habit #4:

Have a Skincare Routine

This is one of many healthy lifestyle habits my sister reinforces all the time. In fact, all the skincare products I use are mostly hers and I pretty much learned everything I know about skincare from her.  Maybe I’ll have her guest blog her skincare routine?  Comment down below if that’s something you’d be interested in reading about.

The reason why I believe having a good skincare routine is important is because having good skin can boost yourself esteem and because taking care of yourself (including your skin) should be your top priority.

I’m not saying you need to have like a 12 step skincare routine or anything. Just washing your face, applying sunscreen during the day, and moisturizing is a sufficient skincare routine most days. So just try a simple skincare routine and you’ll see a difference.

Healthy Habit #5:

Get Some Exercise:

I hate exercising, I really do. But I feel it’s so important to make sure you get some physical activity in. It doesn’t have to be every day, and it doesn’t have to be that long. Just 30 minutes of dedicated exercising is one of the best healthy lifestyle habits to practice.

If you’re not into working out, there are so many outdoor activities you can do that are just as physically active and beneficial. Even just walking around your neighborhood for 30 minutes can make a worlds difference.

I’ll take my twins to the park and chase them around for an hour or two and that’ll get my heart rate up. I also do simple workout exercises at home. I know finding the time can be a real struggle so try to pencil some time in.

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Healthy Habit #6:

Create Lists:

I was one of those people who honestly believed that I could memorize everything I need to remember, but would forget it instantly. I have an awful memory and yet I was in total denial about it.

After finally accepting my memory is garbage, I now carry a pen and notebook around and it has been a huge help. I know all the things I’m supposed to do, and things I need to remember for the future.

This is really one of the most easiest healthy lifestyle habits you can practice, but it’s also pretty tedious. I’ve learned to love writing things down and that’s really helped me keep it up, and also always carrying around something to write on. If you’re more technological, you can use your phone to write things down as well.

Healthy Habit #7:

Keep A Planner:

I have mentioned this before, and I think I’ll always mention it. Keep a planner. Having a planner makes me feel safe and organized. I can schedule out my month, day, and week, so I don’t feel so overwhelmed.

It also helps me keep track of everything. I have a physical planner and I also use my calendar apps so I get notified on my phone. It makes my life so much easier!

Keeping a planner is something I highly recommend and is such a great healthy lifestyle habit to have. Plus planners are just so cute!

Healthy Habit #8:

Schedule Time For Yourself:

Lastly, schedule time for yourself. I feel like people often forget that self care is a necessity. We’re so goal oriented or can be so neglectful to ourselves that scheduling time so you can just enjoy yourself is one of the most important lifestyle habits worth practicing.

I used to think that doing anything for myself was selfish or not important because I have a thousand other things on my to do list, but that just isn’t true. Focusing on yourself and your needs is a positive thing you can do for yourself.

Practice a hobby, work on a passion project, meditate, do anything you love that centers you and brings you happiness. I recently got into meditation and I think that’s been a huge help for my mental health. I also read, write, or have a spa day. Just do something that makes you feel good.

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That’s it for today! I hope you find the 8 healthy lifestyle habits worth practicing and beneficial to you. Which of these healthy lifestyle habits is your favorite? Or which one are you considering trying?

I truly believe that incorporating these healthy lifestyle habits into your daily routine will help you so much. They’ve each helped me get out of my slump and be more  productive. Are there any healthy lifestyle habits you practice that I missed? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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Thank you again for reading! I’m so grateful to all my readers. I couldn’t be doing this without all of you. I’ll catch you on the next blog! (:

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