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7 Perfect Items As Father’s Day Gifts (Gift Guide 2020)

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I’m so excited about Father’s Day coming up! My husband did an amazing job at getting me very thoughtful gifts for Mother’s Day so I have been dying to return the favor and get him some cool Father’s Day Gifts. It took some time, but I think I got my husband some great things that I think he will like a lot (I hope). If you’re interested, you can read more about my Mother’s Day experience here. It’s quite dramatic.

If you’re struggling to come up with some gift ideas (trust me, I know the struggle), I am going to list them below, in this gift guide, some items that I believe would make amazing gifts. They will all be from Amazon because my husband is obsessed with Amazon. So if your father, husband, son, etc. is anything like mine, these the items is this Father’s Day Gift Guide will be perfect for him.

Father’s Day Gift Item #1

Spices For Grilling:

My husband loves to cook and grill so I thought spices would be a great idea as a gift to other fathers who also love to cook. I’m linking down below some really good options.

If you want to take it even farther you could cook dinner as a gift to the father in your life with the very same spices and I’m sure they’ll love that as an option too.


Father’s Day Gift Item #2

All-In-One Multi-Tool:

This was definitely handy for my husband and I when we first moved in together and after our baby shower when we had to assemble all the baby toys and appliances.

It’s also super convenient to have all your tools in one place. My family and I live a small house so things that take up little space is a must. But even if you live in a larger house, it’ll be nice to have the most handy tools in an accessible area rather than lugging around a whole tool box.


Father’s Day Gift Item #3

Bullet Glasses:

I thought these were so cool! They are drinking glasses with bullets in them. My husband is kind of into guns and drinking, so I thought this would be so cool to give to him. There are all different kinds (I’ll link them below}. They have some for beer drinkers, whiskey drinkers, or even if you just prefer shots.


Father’s Day Gift Item #4

Wireless Earbuds & Headset:

I found that the convenience of  wireless headsets and earbuds is a really good investment gift. I bought some not only for my husband as a Father’s Day gift, but I also bought some for my sister and I too.

I also included below a wireless gaming headset. My husband plays on his Xbox more than is probably recommended so I thought for any of you out there who might also know a father who loves playing video games could also use it as a gift suggestion.


Father’s Day Gift Item #5

Grooming Kit:

My husband doesn’t have a beard, but he often has to shave (he’s in the military). So for your bearded fathers or father’s who have to shave often, these would make a perfect gift

I linked some really good options below, but for you bearded experts, please feel free to comment down below some recommendations of products you like to use.


Father’s Day Gift Item #6

Personalized Items:

I love giving personalized items. They always make things so unique. I know that when I first started dating my husband, I use to get him personalized gifts that had the date we started dating or where we met on them.

He always loved them and so I believe that personalized gifts are often  a good go too when struggling to look for a gift. The only key is making sure you order them early enough so that they get in on time. But even if it’s late, at least you still thought of something thoughtful to get them.


Father’s Day Gift Item #7


This last gift is something I highly recommend, especially with the start of Summer. My husband loves having sunglasses when he’s out so I know other father’s must too. I listed some classic styles that go well with almost everything. Even though they have a higher price point, the quality makes up for it. And one should never dismiss quality eye care.


Thank you for reading today’s blog! I hope you enjoyed it! If you did, please don’t forget to like it. Comment down below which item your getting for a father in your life or what you’ve already gotten them.

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  1. Yas! I am a sucker for lists and I constantly look for lists about gifts for special occasions, such as Father’s Day! My dad would like a lot of these gifts! Also, I love your logo 🙂

    1. So do I! I love making blogs like this because I like lists and things like that too 😂 & thank you! I went through so many logos before this one. But I like this one the best 😁💗

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