Exploring Spirituality As A New Beginner in 2021

exploring spirituality

Exploring Spirituality As A New Beginner in 2021

How It Started

If you read my last blog, then you can kind of guess how this whole journey started. But it basically started with TikTok. I was on WitchTok, which I found to be so fascinating and not to mention the aesthetically so cute. My sister and I got really into it and would practice spells and such every full or new moon. I learned so much about the natural order of things and how so much of the world was connected.

Disclaimer: Being a witch is different than being Wiccan. One is more of a “lifestyle” and practice, and the other is closer to paganism and religion based. You can be a witch and Wiccan, or you can just be a witch and not Wiccan. I was not Wiccan, I just practiced the craft.

Eventually this branched off into Spirituality because essentially what spell casting and things like that are, is just manifestation and intention setting. Plus, it’s really hard to get into the craft when you don’t have a coven or others to kind of help guide you along. So while I still practice “spells,” it more closely aligned with Spirituality and manifestation. If you’re interested in learning more about the difference between witchcraft and Spirituality, comment below and I’ll do the research for you all.

So yeah, that’s pretty much how my journey into exploring spirituality started. I wanted to understand and learn more about the Universe, Spirit, The Divine and all the philosophies that align with Spirituality. As I continued down this path, I found a lot of the ideologies resonated with myself and the things that I believed in.

What Is Spirituality?

I started on this new journey of spirituality after feeling the need to find my life’s purpose. The term “spirituality” itself has many definitions, but my favorite thing about this whole journey is that you kind of make it your own. Whatever resonates with you is your spirituality, whether it’s religion, philosophy, minimalism, whatever makes your soul feel good is what your spirituality is. Does that make sense?

For me, spirituality is life, it’s energy, it’s what we are at our core, or rawest form outside of our human bodies. As I write this, I feel insane, but it’s truly what I believe. I think I have felt this way for a really long time. I guess you could say I started exploring spirituality when I was younger and I noticed that people practice their religions differently.

Not even all Christians have the same traditions despite them all believing in essentially the same God. That was interesting to me and is what kind of opened the door for me. It got me thinking that maybe everything isn’t as black as white and many might want you to believe.

Comment down below what spirituality means to you. I’d love to hear your guys’ opinions!

Aspects of Spirituality


I would say that astrology was definitely the first step I took into spirituality. In middle (or Junior High) school there was a phases where everyone wanted to know their sun signs and that determined your compatibility with you crush and things like that. That’s when I found out I was Pisces. However, it wasn’t until high school that my friend taught me about birth charts and that you are more than just your sun sign. I honestly didn’t know what that meant until recently.

I have learned so much about astrology and taught myself how to read natal charts (birth charts). I also learned what my big three are. The “big three” are your sun, moon, and rising signs. If you’re interested in also learning more about astrology, I can write a blog on that too.


I also didn’t realize my dreams were part of my spiritual journey until much recently. I am a very vivid dreamer and use to be able to lucid dream regularly when I was younger. I can still control dreams from time-to-time, but I often have to be overwhelmed with emotions.

While exploring this part of spirituality, I learned that my dreams are messages from my subconscious and higher self. They help me identify issues that I deal with on a conscious level. I journal about my dreams regularly and have learned how to interpret them.


I have always been very intuitive. It’s almost like a sixth sense but more abstract and not as easily defined. I’m also an empath so knowing and understanding how someone is feeling without them needing to tell me has been a gift of mine for a while. I recently identified that I am a dream and intuitive empath. If you would like to learn more about the different empaths, I can write a blog about that too. I believe I got this gift from my mother. She is an emotional empath. She can feel what others feel and is very sensitive (in a good way).

There are quite many downsides to being a empath and I’m still learning to live with those parts everyday. I am working on shielding my energies and not letting others feelings and thoughts influence me. Being an empath is a gift and a curse. When I was younger, I used to imagine myself taking away the pain and sadness of others and collecting it inside myself. I didn’t realize then that what I was doing was light work. I still don’t know much about that yet, but I plan to look into it more.


If you’re looking to dip your toe into spirituality, I highly recommend meditating. It is an excellent first step. Just focusing on the breath and pending yourself up the divine energies that are inside you can really help progress you along in exploring spirituality. I learned how to recognize energies and my intuition through meditating.

It also helps me process my own thoughts and feelings while focusing on the present moment. I love doing meditations in the mornings because it helps me feel like I can tackle anything that happens during the day. At night, I like to meditate because it helps me appreciate the day and eases me gently into sleep. It’s great if you have insomnia like me, because it makes falling asleep easier.


I love crystals. They’re one of my favorite aspects of spirituality. Crystals are so beautiful and they are only on this Earth to help you. Their energies are so powerful and many of them are perfect for healing and protecting you. I have an amethyst crystals that my mom gave me many years ago. I have always slept next to it or had it somewhere near my bed. I used to (and still kind of do) have a lot of nightmares and just having that crystal next to my bed made me less fearful of my dreams.

If you don’t really believe in the energies and powers of crystals, they still make for wonderful decorations around the house. I plan to have crystals everywhere in my forever home. If you are interested in learning more about crystals, I can definitely write a blog on that as well. I can also show you all my own crystal collection and some of my favorite pieces.


I was terrified of tarot cards because I grew up in a Christian household and I was taught that tarot cards were communicating with evil spirits and things like that. However, while while exploring spirituality, I learned that there are so many more uses to tarot cards if you just open your mind a little bit. I first learned about tarot cards in a college English course. We would draw a card and write based of what we saw in the card or the meaning behind it. I thought that was so interesting.

I actually didn’t start using tarot cards until more recently though. Now I draw three cards every morning just to get a feel for the day and discover what life lessons I might be experiencing in the day. At first, I used it as a tool for self-discovery. I would pull cards and see how the meanings related to my current life. I loved how I could use this to inspire exploration into different parts of myself.

Now I use it to communicate with my spirit guides and to see what synchronicities I should be on the look out for. In the future, I plan to use the cards to help with my shadow work. If you’d like to learn more about Tarot, again, comment down below!

Manifestation/Intention Setting

This aspect is the latest part of exploring my spirituality. I was hesitant at first because I didn’t quite understand what manifesting or the Laws of Attraction were. I wasn’t even sure if it worked. But I can tell you now, I am a believer.

This was actually really hard for me because the main part of manifestation or setting intentions is that you have to let go of control and trust in the Universe, or Spirit, or God, or whoever you believe is the creator. Anyone who knows me knows how I like to control everything that I possibly can, so surrendering to a higher power (even if it’s my higher self) was difficult for me.

But now I practice manifestation regularly and I set monthly intentions, Even if nothing I put out into the Universe comes true, it’s still a really nice way to organize all my goals and aspirations so that I know exactly what I’m working towards and what it’s all for. So you can always look at it from that perspective as well.


Well that’s it for todays blog! Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed it and that you found ways to start exploring your own spiritual journey. There is no right or wrong way to practice spirituality or any of that good stuff. It’s really all about making the most of your human experience on this Earth. I have so much that I can talk about on Spirituality and I could literally go on forever. I honestly probably will. So if you enjoy this type of content be sure to stick around!

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Thanks again for being here and for supporting me! I’ll catch you on the next blog! (:

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