5 Good Essential Daily Habits For Higher Productivity

5 Good Essential Daily Habits For Higher Productivity

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Lately, I have been feeling like I have not been as productive as I used to be. I would clean a part of the house everyday, find time to prioritize my day, work on my blog. Overall really, I was just more functioning because of my daily habits. But ever since the quarantine, when I lost my normal routine, I’ve just been barely keeping my head above the water. I’ve been struggling with maintaining my house, my family, my blog and it has just been making me so tired. The feeling of constantly having to scramble to keep things in order was wearing me down.

Then I realized that the reason why I have been having such a hard time keeping things together; I noticed I had stopped practicing good daily habits! Now that I am back to using them again, my days have become much more manageable. It’s not as exhausting as before and I get way more done. Who knew just a few everyday essentials could make my life so much simpler and more productivity?

If you are feeling the same way, definitely check out some of the recommendations I am about to make. Without my daily essentials, there is no way I could ever achieve higher productivity.

Daily Habits 1

Having A Routine/Schedule

I highly recommend not just having a routine/schedule, but also keeping to it. In the beginning, I found keeping a routine was pretty difficult. But once it becomes a habit, doing it becomes second nature. For me, I created a block schedule using Microsoft Excel to help organize my weekly routine.

On it has what part of the house I will be cleaning that day, when the twins will take a nap, when I have time available to work on my blog, and so on. It is usually the same schedule every week, but I’ll adjust it if I have any events, mom dates, or doctor’s appointment that week. Having a routine/schedule has helped me stay motivated to clean, optimize my day, and achieve higher productivity.

Daily Habits 2

Wake Up Early

I hate saying that this is one of the essential daily habits because I hate waking up early. If it weren’t for my little ones, no way would I ever get up before 10:00 AM. I am not a morning person at all, but my boys take up a lot of my time so to make up for it, I wake up early. This helps me be more productive because it give me more hours in the day to dedicate my energy towards.

Every morning, I get up around 8:00 AM (which might as well be dawn) and that gives me an hour to do whatever I can before the boys wake up at 9:00 AM. If you’re interested in a rundown of what my day looks like, you can read about it in this blog. Usually, I get ready in this time, check emails, and just plan my day. If I don’t wake up early, I don’t get as much done and it throws a wrench in mood for being productive. So if you can, start waking up just a little earlier.

Daily Habits 3

Keep A Planner:

I never realized how much I needed to keep a planner until college and I started buying my own planners. I tried to live my life without one and that was a huge mistake. I thought I could remember everything I needed too. Now, I just laugh at how naïve I used to be. Having a planner not only helps remind us daily of what needs to be done, but it also helps us maintain our schedule/routine and shows us future events. It’s like a crystal ball, only it’s made of paper.

During the quarantine, I stopped and I realized that this was a contributing factor as to why I have not been as productive as I used to be. My mom has always been an advocate for keeping a planner and I think that’s why I always need one. Even now, after I graduated, I still keep a planner.

One thing she also mentioned about planners is that you have to find the right one for you. There were times I failed to keep a planner, but I noticed that was because those planners being used was not organized in a way I liked. Finding a planner that fits you is just as important as using it. I have yet to find my perfect planner but here are some links to planners that I would use. If you have a planner that you just love, feel free to share in the comments.

This is a great school planner. I would have used this brand before while I was in college. I love the simplicity, it’s cute design, and the fact that it leaves you a lot of room to write on both the monthly and weekly aspects of the planner.

I would totally use this planner for everyday use. It is very similar to the one that I have now. I like that it has a priority section every week so you know what needs to get done right away. It has a sleek and simple design that is cute and efficient.

This planner is not only super pretty, but it also has a majority of what I would want in a planner. Prioritization, stunning design, monthly tabs, and it is on the smaller side so it would fit in my purse nicely are all great features that would help me be more productive.

Daily Habits 4

Create Lists/Prioritizing:

As you can see, from my planner pickiness, creating list and prioritizing is super important to achieving higher productivity. I recommend doing this in morning after you wake up early or before you go to bed. This habit helps make sure we complete task or goal that need to be done first. It also helps give us a flow of how the day is going to go. If you like tackling little projects first and working your way up to bigger task, than you can prioritize smaller projects first.

For myself, I prefer hitting those bigger projects first and then winding down to the less daunting tasks last. That way everything I know I need to get done is out of the way and anything I don’t complete is not a big deal and can wait till the following day. But it’s up to you. Finding a system that matches you is just as essential as all these other habits.

Daily Habits 5

Set Deadlines

The last habit, set deadlines. This helps create a sense of urgency and really assists in staying motivated to clean. I know that when I have not motivation, I can’t get anything done. When I set a deadline, it kind of lights a fire under my butt and gets me moving so I can be more productive.

An example would be like how I have an hour every morning to do as much as I can before the babies wake up. Or if it’s Monday and I need to clean my bedroom, then I give myself the length of the babies’ nap (about 45 minuets to an hour) to tidy up as much of my room as I can. Another example would be if I need to do laundry, but I have enough clothes to last me the week. Then I set a deadline to finish all my laundry before said week is over. Deadlines, they work.

Those are all my good essential daily habits that everyone should try to incorporate in their life. They’re easy to do and after a while, they just become second nature. You can achieve anything you put your mind to! But if you’re trying to achieve higher productivity, I highly recommend taking the time to implement these habits into your life.

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4 thoughts on “5 Good Essential Daily Habits For Higher Productivity”

  1. Love your list- it’s all so true!
    I hope to practice all things daily soon- but I can definitely notice a difference in productivity when I wake up earlier than the kids and when I make lists to prioritize and set goals. This is not only good for daily life- but for long term goals in life! Love it!! Thank you

  2. I love these productivity tips. I’ve been searching on articles just like this. This is one of the best and detailed. Thank you so much. I hope you keep posting motivational articles!

    1. Thank you for reading! I’m so happy you loved these tips! I definitely will have more content like this coming soon so stay tuned!

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