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7 Inspired At Home Workout Must Haves & Motivation

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Since most gyms were (or are still) closed, working out at home has been a top priority of mine since everything was put on pause. So because of that, I came up with 7 inspired at home workout must haves to share with all of you.

Working out and exercising has always been apart of my life. I started sports at 5 years old and continued with it through high school. I even did the heavy lifting while in high school to improve my agility and be able to have more explosive abilities.

I fizzled a bit in college but would try to work out when I could. Fast forward to three months after giving birth, I got right back into it and at-home workout must-haves have been a huge lifesaver during this time.

Currently, I work out a few times a week at Orange Theory Fitness. It’s been working, I think, but the progress is a little slower than I would like. And with everything going on right now, I don’t want to risk too much outside exposure. So to make up for it, I workout at home.

There are tons of short, free workout videos on YouTube that I use to help me find exercises for certain parts of my body (i.e. back, traps, belly). But for things like my legs, abs, and glutes, I have my own personal routine and exercises. To maximize the effectiveness of my workout, I use these items.


At Home Workout Must Haves #1:

Protein, Vitamins, & Supplements:

I think taking Protein & Vitamins are good for people who work out (or don’t even). It gives your body the nutrients you need. So while you’re working out the outside of your body, they’re working out the inside of your body.

Oh jeez, that was kind of lame to say. Oh well. . . Be sure to find a brand that works well for you and your body. You can check out below some supplements to try.


At Home Workout Must Haves #2:

Music Accessories:

Listening to music is a major motivator for me when I work out at home (or anywhere really ). Songs with a lot of beats per minute, faster tempos, or just really hype help push me through my workouts. They make me feel strong, powerful and get my blood pumping.

So having something to play my music is important for me. For me, one of the plus sides of working out at home is that you get to choose your own music (since at Orange Theory Fitness, you don’t get to listen to your music). I’m linking below some of my favorite items to use.


At Home Workout Must Haves #3:

Yoga Mat:

I love using a Yoga Mat for myself. It helps designate my at-home workout area, keeps my sweat contained to one section of the floor, and just makes my workout seem more official. They are easy to clean, disinfect, store, and move. They also make me feel more compelled to work out, so it’s very motivating. Below are some options that I think are worth checking out.


At Home Workout Must Haves #4:

Free Weights:

Free weights are super important. Especially if you’re trying to tone your muscle, lose body fat, and you’re getting your workout at home. Bodyweight alone can only take you so far so I highly recommend incorporating actual weights into your workout.

I use to hate lifting weights because it always made me more muscular, but now I love having weights to lift. When you have two babies, you build muscle fast so I’m used to looking more muscular. Here are some recommendations ranging from beginner to pretty experienced.



At Home Workout Must Haves #5:

Waist Trainer:

If you’re struggling with belly fat (like me), I think using a waist trainer is very beneficial. I use one and I love it. It feels like my stomach is getting a better workout, which I like.

When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I knew I was going to have to find a way to give extra attention to my stomach. My waist trainer is amazing so I’m linking it below and some other great options too.


At Home Workout Must Haves #6:


For apparel, a favorite brand of mines is Adidas. My sister was actually the one who got me into them. I wore all her clothes (that she was kind of okay with sharing with me, lol).

Their leggings are amazing; you never have to worry about them being see-through. And I love the simple design of their tops. I’m linking below some of my personal favorites.


At Home Workout Must Haves #7:

Water Bottle:

Obviously, drinking water is super important. Be sure to stay hydrated 24/7 (not just when you workout). I love my water cold as ice so I have to have my hydro flask. I love my hydro flask. I drink so much water when I have it.

I take mine everywhere with me and, most importantly, it keeps my water cold for so long. I’m linking some below and I highly recommend getting the straw top. It makes drinking water 10x easier. I can walk and drink at the same time.


These are my 7 inspired at home workout must haves with some added motivation to get you through your exercises. All these items have been so helpful through my workouts, I know they will only be more beneficial if you add them to yours.

I hope you feel inspired to do some socially distanced exercising! If you have something to add or just really enjoyed one of these products, leave a comment down below! And be sure to subscribe (if you haven’t already) to receive our monthly newsletter and some cool freebies. You can also follow me on social media where I love interacting with my followers.

As always, thank you so much for supporting Being Alaia. I couldn’t do this without you. Now turn on your TV or mobile device and find yourself an awesome workout to sweat too. I’ll catch you on the next blog! (:

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12 thoughts on “7 Inspired At Home Workout Must Haves & Motivation”

  1. This is a good informative list for anyone starting out that needs guidance! With COVID-19 lots of people are starting to work out at home. Great tips!

    1. Yes! I’m actually back to working out at home because in Hawai’i (O’ahu specifically) we’re back on Stay-At-Home Orders so all the gyms are closed again.

  2. There really is nothing more motivating than new workout clothes! This was such a helpful read, especially during lockdown, one struggles to find the motivation to workout at home!

    1. Omg, yes! I always struggle with finding the motivation to workout at home, especially with my bed right there, so I thought I’d help out any others struggling like me 😂

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