A Poem: I Was Afraid

i was afraid feature photo

By: Alaia

Feature Photo Credit: Layla Saad

• • • • •

I was afraid.

Afraid of not being able to handle life.

Afraid of being alone.

Afraid taking care of myself.

Afraid of facing my demons.

Afraid of getting overwhelmed.

I was afraid.

• • • • •

I was afraid.

Afraid of drowning in my own sorrow.

Afraid of the silky seduction of quitting.

Afraid of the fire in me telling me to get up.

Afraid of how badly I want to give in to nothing.

Afraid that everything I chose is wrong.

I was afraid.

• • • • •

I was afraid.

Afraid I could never be good enough.

Afraid of men and their capabilities.

Afraid of breathing too easily.

Afraid of having to function with a broken heart.

Afraid of never reaching my fullest potential.

I was afraid.

• • • • •

But not anymore…




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