A Prose Poem: A Brief Moment

a brief moment: school love

By: Alaia

(Feature Photo Credit: Author Love)


As I’m waiting down the hall, I feel hands wrap around my waist and pull me softly against a strong warm body. You whirl me around to face you, hair whipping against my neck. Your bright emerald eyes and even brighter smile beaming at me as if I were the only thing in the world that could make you happy. You lean down slowly while I tippy-toe to reach your lips. Then you press them softly against my mouth. I wrap my arms around your neck while you grip my hips, a brief moment of bliss. I lean back on my heels, tip my head up, and smile. You have this glassy dazed look in your eyes. And as your gaze clears up, your grin grows bigger. I take your hand and you squeeze mine ever so gently. I squeeze back and we walk to class hand-in-hand, together.


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